Monitoring the tigers in the “Zhuravliny” Zakaznik has been carried out continuously for already 4 years! To date, we continue to watch the couple of tigers released earlier after the rehabilitation course. The tiger Boris and the tigress Svetlaya still share the same territory, or, rather, the territory of Svetlaya is included in that owned by Boris. As is known, territories of males are much more extensive than those of females, and now we know that at least three females (Svetlaya, Filippa, and the tigress Lazovka) live within the territory of Boris. In the photos obtained we see the well-known places that are regularly visited by the tigers: scent-marking trees and rocks. Both tigers are in nice shape and ready for winter.
Visiting the scent-marking points are the evidence that the tigers walk very close to each other, and the time interval between visits is sometimes only one day. The offspring of the tiger Boris and the tigress Svetlaya have already grown up and almost stopped visiting their parents’ sites. Only one passage of a young male from the Svetlaya’s litter was recorded. The mother tigress is now actively visiting all the scent-marking points, actively marking them, which may indicate the mating period coming. In 3 to 3.5 months we will know if our assumptions are correct 🙂

The monitoring is carried out by the staff of PRNCO “Tiger Center”, the Amur Tiger Center, and the Hunting Supervision Department of JAO.
The activity of the “Tiger” Rehabilitation Center has only partial funding. You can help us by making a donation on our website or a transfer to our Sberbank card no. 4276500019455771

All money will be spent for feeding the animals that are now kept at the Center, for fixing the enclosures and facilities, and purchasing veterinary drugs.
Thank you for your contribution to the wildlife conservation!


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