«The cat has opened the other eye. He has changed. All devoured, broke all the cups, tore all the sheets. » I’ve never been so happy broken dishes! «- Said the director of PRNCO «Tiger Center» Viktor Kuzmenko.
Recent events in the life of the Ussuri taiga Tigers shocked many people. Especially the story of the tiger in Pozharsky district, who entered the Rehabilitation Centre January 14, 2017. Within two weeks, his condition is serious but stable, every day tiger received medication. After the second veterinary inspection, it can be said that the condition of the animal was stabilized. Every day we note a positive trend: the vision of the injured eye remained, broken bones of the upper jaw fused properly, a good appetite, restores the natural behavioral response. Judging by the state of the cub on the 15th day of rehabilitation, we hope that the chance to get back into the wild had increased!

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