In early January, we received 30 new photos from the reserve "Crane", located in the Jewish Autonomous Region. As can be seen from the photographs, which show the tiger named Borya, they are made in the same location (in different seasons). These places are not chosen randomly. Through monitoring, which has already been carried out for three years, especially frequently visited sites were found. The first is marking trees. These "border posts" were discovered thanks to the long tracking of the animals. As can be seen, for three years, these places are visited on a regular basis, but with in different intervals. Why these trees our tigers have chosen to mark - hard to say. Perhaps there previously actively labeled by other animals. But it is also possible that the Tigers have defined their "point of information" and the other animals began their visit and also participate in the exchange of information. Through regular visits and renewal "marking points" animals receive information about each other: on the species, the physiological condition of the animal's age, has left its mark. Thus, the information from the field is created not only between animals of the same species, but also between different species.
We express our deep gratitude to all partners for their support and assistance in the preservation of rare species of animals.

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