We made a decision to release the Far Eastern cat of Barabash while it is warm and there are a lot of mice (now in the village of Alekseyevka it is above zero).
In our Center there is no suitable enclosure for a cat in which he could train his hunting skills all winter long. All enclosures are designed for large animals, and a small quarantine enclosure is not suitable for preparing for wild life.
The Far Eastern cat was released on the territory of the Rehabilitation Center, it is quite extensive and he can go out and come back in as desired.
Now the cat goes back and forth, mastering new possessions. He gets ready for the food laid out. And we will continue to lay out the food, so that he could have a meal at any time, if this is necessary.
Year of the mouse, even on the camera trap there are mice, they climb into the enclosure, so the food is wild. We will leave the camera trap and see if he will continue to come to the feed. His weight is excellent, and so is his mood.
We are grateful to everyone who helped us feed the little forest beast. We hope that his life will be long and happy!

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