Names given to orphaned tiger cubs are selected not randomly. Most frequently, the choice of name is associated with the geographic locality where the cub has been spotted. A little orphaned tigress was first found in a backyard of a private house near the village of Filippovka, Khasansky District, Primorsky Krai. Owners of this house also participated in rescuing the cub.  According to the residents of Filippovka, specialists of the “Land of the Leopard” National Park, PRNCO “Tiger Center”, and WCS responded to the information and came to the place very promptly. Since a lot of people took part in saving the little tigress, the right to choose the name was given to residents of the village, for whom members of the “Land of the Leopard” National Park organized the tigress name contest. Most people voted for the name “Filippa”. The village of Filippovka is situated at the Filippovsky stream, a tributary of the Barabashevka River, 11 km off the shore of Melkovodnaya Cove, Amur Bay.

At the moment, young Filippa is successfully passing a rehabilitation course at PRNCO “Tiger Center”, growing, improving her hunting skills, and watching the spring coming.

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