Two and a half months after being admitted to the Russian Far East tiger rehabilitation center called PRNCO "Tiger Center," a female tiger cub is enjoying the first signs of spring.

She has stopped showing signs of restlessness, which consisted of “nervous” runs along the enclosure fence, and has even started demonstrating more comfortable behaviors in her favorite lair, lying around with her belly up.

Even though we are catching such behaviors on camera traps, she still approaches such devices with caution, often hissing at them as a warning.

Adaptation of animals to new conditions is quite a complex and a long-term process, and the monitoring of her behaviors is vital to her rehabilitation.

A name has not been found for her.

The tradition is to choose the names for tiger cubs in connection with locations where they were found (geographic reference), or those who rescued them. The rescue of this tiger cub involved a lot of people, including local residents, but very soon we will come to decide on a name and let you know.

E. Blidchenko/

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